Lexdray x Cavan Images : Enjoy the Journey

We recently joined forces with creative agency, Cavan Images, to help support the launch of our San Francisco Camera Pack. It was quickly decided that we would send one of our packs on an adventure around the world, getting handed off from photographer to photographer within the Cavan community. In addition to the SF Pack, artifacts have been left behind for the next photographer to acquire the bag including polaroids/fujifilm and journal entries/notes, culminating in a book of photos documenting the incredible journey!


The project has been such a success so far with every photographer loving the pack that we’re keeping it going for the time being. 


So far the pack has been to some amazing locations in the hands of some incredibly talented photographers/contributors...with more to come.

Click the image below to view the journey of our San Francisco Camera Pack. Check back often for updates to this ongoing project on our online travel journal.

Contributor's Photo Blogs: