Lexdray supports The LeBron James Family Foundation

Giving back and creating a sense of community are two things I have always felt strongly about.  Growing up through age 10 in Durham, North Carolina, and having played basketball all of my life, I'm extremely passionate about the impact that sports have on a child's life.

So when I was given the chance to work with the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) I welcomed the opportunity.   

The foundation, created by LeBron and his Mom, is guided by two main pillars: support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Akron Public Schools After School Program.  The LJFF and their partners are helping enrich community support systems across the country. As a core component of their efforts, they created the Wheels for Education (WFE) program, which donates bicycles to children to encourage them to go to school every day.  In August of 2011, third grade students made a promise to their hero. They promised him they would go to school, be respectful to their parents, teachers and peers, be active and make good decisions.  In return, he promised them that he would be the best role model he could be, on and off the court.

Each year the LJFF selects a group of twenty-five high school students which they call 330 Ambassadors. These are a unique group of students from the Akron area chosen by the LJFF and Akron Public Schools. These students serve as role models in the community and each assists with the WFE program. 

This past summer I was honored with the opportunity to contribute my design skills to help create a new logo for the 330 Ambassadors.  I also gifted each ambassador a Lexdray Tokyo pack.  My hope was to contribute to their excitement for the upcoming school year and support LeBron in his goal.

If you would like to join the LJFF and myself in these efforts, log onto timetopromise.com and purchase an I PROMISE band. Proceeds from your purchase benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation and their movement to change the nation’s graduation rate.

Proud to be part of the LBJ family.