NIKE Air Force 1 Bespoke by Lexdray - Lexdray Materials (Part 1)

There's nothing like sitting down with really creative people and going through the design process. Yesterday I got to take part in something I've wanted to do for a long time, any shoe collector's dream: create my own pair of Nike AF 1's.  And to make this opportunity even sweeter, I was given the chance to design them exclusively with Lexdray fabrics.  Together with 21 Mercer Nike design studio consultants, iZ and Mark (two highly creative and interesting people), we customized the ultimate pair of Nike's to match the Lexdray brand aesthetic.  We kept things simple, clean and functional while using our 1680D ballistic nylon, neoprene, PVC and webbing materials.  Here are some pics from the process.  Stay tuned for (Part 2) where we will release photos of the shoes.