Lexdray Preview Event - San Francisco, CA

Some product shots from the preview event last month in SF.


Lexdray Classified Collection - Available for Pre-Order

We are thrilled to announce six Lexdray styles are now available for presale.

Lexdray in Men's Journal

The Lexdray Stockholm Brief was featured in the February edition of Men's Journal, along with 5 other cool bags. Check it out online here.

Lexdray Moab Carabiner

Unfortunately these sold out in a hurry. We are working on making more. Stay tuned.

The Ultimate Accessory

Typically carabiners are used for repelling down mountains, but let's be honest, you mostly need one for your keyring.  Meet the latest important accessory, the Lexdray Moab Carabiner.  Channel your inner MacGyver, or enhance your military look - either way the Moab carabiner is a must have for the season. 

For the Good of Design: Alex Drayer of Lexdray

Swipelife was kind enough to interview me to get my take on the outlook of the Lexdray brand and where I envision us heading in the future. Many thanks to Swipelife for allowing me to share. See the entire interview here.

Lexdray Stockholm Brief

Strictly Business

As practical as a backpack is, you prefer the look of a briefcase. With an optional shoulder strap, the Lexdray Stockholm Brief has the functionality of a backpack, but a sleeker, more minimal design. Take your laptop, cords, external hard drive and the entire NY Times on the road with you, without any bulk or chaos.

Lexdray on Uncrate

My favorite line from any Lexdray press I've seen "If Uncrate had its own line of bags, this would be it."  Thanks Uncrate. That means a lot to us. Keep up the good work. We love reading your blog everyday.

Block Certified: Lexdray

My boy Frank "The Butcher" has been a fan of Lexdray ever since the day he first saw the collection. He had some nice things to say about the collection on his blog, The Butchers Block. Look out for Lexdray at Concepts (Cambridge, Mass) in May. 


Lexdray on Acquire

My man Bernard at Acquire always knows about cool new gear on the horizon. 

Boulder Pack

Step Out Of Bounds

You’ve longed for the day when you could walk into your office, with your back pack on, and hold your head up high. Embrace the Lexdray Boulder Pack, the ultimate all-purpose pack designed for any trail or street adventure. Its removeable waist strap prevents an aching back at the end of the day. 

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