2016 MLB All-Star Game Gift Pack

This year's All-Star's and personnel received a pretty awesome gift bag, highlighted by our Lexdray x MLBPA Boulder Pack. It was the special 50th anniversary of the Players Association and a historic year to be part of. Special thanks to the other brands who helped make up the gift bags including Dream Hotels, Jason Markk, Incipio and more. Check out the images below showing many of the items received.

Lexdray x MLBPA Limited Edition T-Shirts & Backpack

Make sure to come by ACD Gallery in San Diego next Sunday evening (July 10th), for our All-Star Kickoff Event. We'll be doing a variety of product giveaways, including a limited run of Lexdray x MLBPA 50th Anniversary T-shirts. 

Also be sure you also register for a chance to win one of the exclusive backpacks we made for MLB All-Stars and personnel set to take part in the 2016 MLB All-Star Game which takes place on Tuesday, July 12th. 

All-Star Game Kickoff Event

As the Official Luggage Provider of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), we are throwing a kickoff event on Sunday, July 10th, prior to the next week's All-Star festivities in San Diego. 

Everyone is welcome to come by the event, which will be held at one of our retail partner shops (ACD Gallery). Check out the full invite below.

Beans & Croydon Feature

The Boulder Pack and Beijing Duffle are two of our staples, and especially perfect for working creatives, like the crew over at Beans & Croydon, a creative agency always on-the-go.

"The Beans crew, including photographers, videographers, and a creative director, have used these bags all over the world. Stuffed to the zipper with camera equipment, laptops, chargers, and everything else modern-day creatives need, these bags still show no sign of stopping. Robust, yet classic, these bags blend seamlessly into urban cityscapes, like Tokyo, but also more casual settings, like the images below which were taken recently along the Southern California coast."

Images: Chris Lovos // http://chris-fotos.com


Whistler Pack // Reflective Feature

Our Whistler Pack was designed with outdoor enthusiasts and bicycle commuters in mind; so we equipped the bag with 9 pieces of reflective elastic allowing cyclists to be seen from any direction. Take a look as experienced cyclist and photographer, Matt Lingo (@notmattlingo), captures the Whistler Pack in action during a recent night shoot in North Park, San Diego. Huge thanks to our cyclist seen in the images, David Afterlife.

Bike: Cinelli Gazetta


Lexdray Beijing Duffel in Oceans Magazine (Japan)

Make sure and pick up a copy of the May 2016 edition of Oceans Magazine. They included a small feature of our olive Beijing Duffel.

Lexdray Tokyo Pack in Go Out Magazine (Japan)

Thank you again to Japan's Go Out publication for their recent feature of our special edition red Tokyo Pack. Check out the April 2016 edition.

Lexdray at Isetan (Tokyo)

We are extremely honored and proud to have seen our product launch last week at one of our favorite stores in the world, Isetan. If you haven't heard of Isetan, they are located in the Shinjuku region of Tokyo and they are a must visit for any shopping enthusiast while traveling in Tokyo. Their selection of product is second to none. Make sure to check out the Lexdray display on the 2nd Floor should you be visiting in the coming weeks.  We look forward to a long relationship with the storied Japanese department store.


Lexdray Tokyo Packs in Warp Magazine (Japan)

Thank you again to our friends at Japanese publication WARP Magazine for featuring both the Black and Red versions of our recently released Tokyo Pack.  The Jan-Feb 2016 issue should be on newsstands now!

Lexdray Whistler Pack in 2nd Magazine (Japan)

Look out for our Whistler Pack feature in the January issue of Japanese publication 2nd.

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