Evidence: DJ Skee, President and CEO of Skee.TV

Nothing like a shout out from multi-talented marketing phenom, DJ Skee. With Skee TV and the rest of his constant schedule I'm not even sure where he found the time to talk about Lexdray, but he's an ideal inspiration user for our Tahoe Duffel.  Someone who's consistently on the go and can take advantage of the removable backpack straps so his hands are free to talk on his cell and sign autographs at the same time. Evidence.

Lexdray in the Turntable Lab Newsletter

Turntable Lab highlights Lexdray in their most recent Newsletter.

The Review | A Weekend with Lexdray

Por Homme took a recent trip with our Tahoe Duffel and Boulder Pack.  Check out their review.

Father's Day with Thrillist

Can't say we don't agree with this perfect Father's Day gift.  I'm giving one to my Dad.


Lexdray on Cool Hunting

After a solid evaluation and field test of our Boulder Pack, Cool Hunting gave some very positive feedback, but needed my advice on how to most efficiently utilize each pocket. Thanks for the supportive review CH.

Lexdray on Thrillist

Thrillist recommended our Classified Collection today, giving their own take on things that should be kept secret. I always enjoy receiving their daily emails, but today was a special surprise.

Lexdray on Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol featured a solid breakdown of our Tokyo Pack today.  One of my favorite Lexdray product posts I've seen to date.  They seem to have a thorough understanding of the pack and a unique way of showing it, which means a lot coming from the authority on gear.  Glad to see we are on the GP radar.

Lexdray on Slamhype

Slamhype highlighted the Classified Collection yesterday stating "one of the better bag collections we have seen in recent years, especially from a new label." Much appreciated Slamhype.  

Lexdray on Hypebeast

Influential blog Hypebeast, known for their relevant news in the world of men's fashion featured The Classified Collection today as well as a recent interview with me. Thanks for the support Hypebeast. 

Lexdray in the Colette May 2011 Newsletter

We are very proud to be working with one of our favorite shops, Colette in Paris. Check out our feature on their May 2011 Newsletter and look for Lexdray launching at Colette in early May.

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