City Series Mix Volume 57

Thelem’s come a long way since first firing up Fruity Loops Studio in 2006.

In the intervening decade, after spending a few years honing his craft, Thelem has earned widespread recognition for building devastatingly heavy beats whilst always looking to create fresh and challenging directions for his music. Matt combines pulverising sub frequency architecture with a highly varied production palette, ranging from intensely dark and skeletal halfstep rhythms to the surging raw energy of his more hip hop influenced sound. He is supported by some of the most influential selectors in the game. Inspired by the textures and soundscapes and drawing from other Drum and Bass, Hiphop and Grime influences, Thelem showed promise early on. With a dedicated and meticulous approach to studio time, and an emphasis on high quality control of his output, he was soon picked up by two of Dubstep’s flagship labels, Black Box ad Osiris Music.

His sound is defined by an effortless perfectionism and clinical precision, and his fanbase is a truly global one – thanks at least in part to the scene’s leading selectors giving his tunes regular rotation both on the airwaves and the live circuit.

In addition to his production efforts, armed with the daunting levels of sonic firepower at his disposal, Thelem has shut down dances at some of Dubstep’s most revered events. He’s completed a headline tour of Australia and New Zealand, traversed the USA alongside his Artikal Music UK labelmates respectively, and now finds himself making weekly trips to shows across Europe.



If you could collaborate musically with anyone of your choice, who would you choose?

Amon Tobin

What is your favorite venue you've ever performed at?

Cross Club in Prague

What DJ gear and travel essentials do you always carry with you while on the road?

Headphones, laptop, CD's, USB's, phone and charger, toothbrush and toothpaste, spare change of clothes and a universal power adaptor.


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