Rick Williams has over ten years of marketing and brand development experience, specializing in collaborative marketing projects. Co-owning Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique in Metro Detroit has provided Williams with a visionary approach to business and an understanding of the psychology of why buyers buy, how to grow a retail space into an iconic brand and how to analyze trends in the market. Williams business acumen and marketing experience coupled with his natural instincts has allowed him to survive the business world.

As an outlet for his creative ideas, Williams created Distinct Life. It has since developed into an agency that provides creative services for lifestyle brands. From logo development and social media strategies to more complex workings of photography and special project development, Distinct Life helps brands connect with their audiences and find their authentic voice. 

Williams brand-relationship experience and background in Marketing helps him show companies he's working with how important it is to create a story. Generating that narrative is an essential part of how Williams helps develop brands while connecting with their consumers. Companies choose the Distinct Life because of its authenticity and understanding of building relationships. Williams has spearheaded numerous successful collaboration projects with renowned brands such as New Balance, Saucony, Reebok, JanSport, Bicycle Playing Cards, New Era, Mitchell and Ness, Puma and Beats by Dre.

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If we opened up your San Francisco Camera Pack today, what essential equipment would we find inside?

Depending on what day you catch me on I might have my Leica Q and a Profoto B1, or If I'm on a shoot I might have my Canon 5D and a few lenses.

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Who or what has been the biggest influence on your shooting style?

    I'm moved and inspired by capturing moments that will never happen again.

If you could spend the day with any photographer, who would you choose?

    Harry Benson for sure. I would love to be able to talk to him about some of his experiences while shooting his iconic photographs. I would also love to get his opinion of some questions that I have about photojournalism.
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