City Series Mix VolumeĀ 69

Lauren Mayhew is an American Singer/DJ and actress. She was born to entertain. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Lolo was signed to Epic Sony at the young age of 13. She opened up for Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and even Sting at Super Bowl! Mayhew also has a successful acting and hosting career: from Showtime's "Dexter," to FOX's "9-1-1," to "CSI." Mayhew also did a 1 year stint as the Ring Announcer and National Anthem singer for the WWE. But Mayhew's true passion has always been music. She's licensed over 100 songs that she's written to film and TV. Currently she tours the globe as a singer and a DJ.


Tampa, FL

If you could collaborate musically with anyone of your choice, who would you choose?

Calvin Harris, let's make this happen!

What is your favorite venue you've ever performed at?

Raymond James for the Super Bowl pregame!

What DJ gear and travel essentials do you always carry with you on the road?

Pioneer headphones are my jam. Looking for a better USB. Suggestions fellow DJ homies?

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