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“Everyone can take a picture but not everyone can tell a story with their photo.” 

For Willie T, photography goes beyond the simple snap of a shutter; it requires an investment in people and time. A connection established with the culture and community, proves to be equally important as the camera used. Willie's extensive travel around the world (Asia, Europe, South America, Africa) has allowed him to engage and adopt different perspectives meaningfully in his photography. Whether it's the West Coast vibes of his hometown in Los Angeles; the last living traditional Kalinga tattoo artist in the Philippines; or Snoop Dogg's journey to Jamaica for the Reincarnated film - Willie hopes to archive these moments for future generations.

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If we opened up your San Francisco Camera Pack today, what essential equipment would we find inside?

For photography I use a Canon 1DX and for video I use a Sony A7RII.

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Who or what has been the biggest influence on your shooting style?

    My kids have been a big part of my drive to keep going.

If you could spend the day with any photographer, who would you choose?

    Sebastião Salgado
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