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His grandfather was a photographer. His father is a photographer. And it would be simple to say that it was only a matter of time before he picked up the camera himself, but Ja Tecson is not a photographer because he was next in line to do so. He’s a photographer because he loves his life, everything and everyone in it, and can’t resist documenting every moment. As a native Los Angeleno, Ja is woven into the fabric of a multi-cultural, fashion-freestyle community of people who take pride in the trends they create, the new foods they prepare, and the art that surrounds them from every corner of the city. For any artist, the opportunity to be part of such an environment is a gift, a philosophy that is not lost on Ja, who finds himself inspired by the kaleidoscope of people he encounters each day. From New York to the Hawaiian Islands, the Bahamas to Japan, Ja has been fortunate to share in the stories of those who live beyond his L.A. home. His desire to experience or merely witness cultures other than those that are familiar are further fulfilled by his love for travel. Ja has been a photographer for the last 14 years, and the source of his success is his willingness to not only make room for change, but to welcome it – to learn more, to grow more and to stay inspired. He has been been able to work with some of his favorite brands including Staple Pigeon, Adidas, Nike, Stussy, Creator Class, Big Bad Wolf and many more.

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If we opened up your San Francisco Camera Pack today, what essential equipment would we find inside?

Contax 645, Zeiss Planar 80mm, Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm, 35mm, Postal Co Notebook, “Whatever It Takes” which is a book I found in my father’s office several years ago, Craft Design Technology pen and Beats headphones.

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Who or what has been the biggest influence on your shooting style?

    My Mother. When I was a freshman in high school, she passed away from cancer. Anyone who has experienced something similar knows how quickly you grow up after that. When I lost my mom, life took a drastic turn. From that point on, I began to care more about what was important in life and tried to seek meaning, tried to find a purpose for my life. I realized then, the power that photography gave me; that with it, I could help transport people to another place, another time, another feeling. And with my mom’s passing, I used photography to uncover something inside of me that I lacked as a kid – courage. With this clarity, I gained a confidence to go all out, and live the only life I have.

If you could spend the day with any photographer, who would you choose?

    There have been so many guides in my life that shaped my style and appreciation for this craft. The one person that comes to mind, though, is my father. Ever since I set out to become the artist I am today, he and I have yet to spend the day shooting together and having those creative conversations. I think that would be special. He actually came by today with a bag full of old cameras that he had in storage. He said he wanted me to have them now, in case he isn’t around later on to remember. It’s funny that this question should come up on this interview, because it’s already sparked a new idea, a new journey with my dad. Stay tuned!
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