Boulder Pack
Waist Strap

Lighten your load

Originally designed for our Lexdray Boulder Pack, this backpack waist belt is comfortable, durable and features a military grade rubberized 50mm buckle closure. A small strip of velcro centered along the back ensures it stays in place once it's inserted through the backpack's waist strap slot. This Boulder backpack waist strap is properly sized to work with our Boulder Packs, Vienna Packs, Whistler Pack, SF Camera Pack or Mont Blanc Packs. Perfect for anyone whose lost their original or is just looking to spice up the look of their current pack.

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image description


  • Military Grade hardware
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sufficiently padded
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  • Colors: Red
  • SKU: 15114-RPC-SE-WS


  • Rip-stop nylon pack cloth
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Mesh

Not a numbered edition product
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